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Since the 1st Midea air conditioner came out in 1985, Midea has formed a global industrial layout for its residential air conditioners. Owning 6 domestic and 5 overseas manufacturing bases, Midea has full range residential AC products: Split, Window, Portable, Dehumidifier and Light Commercial. Annual production capacity is over 33 million sets, equipped with the largest and most advanced CKD & SKD production lines and workshops with capacity over 3 million.With China’s most complete AC industrial chain, professional R&D lab and internationalized manufacturing bases, Midea residential air conditioners have ranked No.1 of export sales for consecutive 10 years.

Packaged Gas/Electric

  • Single-stage gas heating, LP conversion kit provided with each unit
  • Energy rated at 14 SEER and will help lower your utility bills
  • Aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Quiet multi-speed circulation blower
  • Horizontal or downflow application
  • High quality heat exchanger
  • Convenient access panels
  • Direct spark ignition


Heat Pump Package Unit

  • Powder coat painted
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coil
  • Wide-capacity range, 2 to 5 tons
  • Electric heat kit available as a field-installed option
  • Internal safeguards protect compressor against high pressure, low pressure, coil temperature and power surge
  • High-efficiency compressors operate smoothly, quietly, consistently


  • Internally protected against high temperature motor overload conditions
  • High quality condenser with inner-groove copper tube and Aluminum fin
  • Service valves feature sweat connections with easy-access gauge ports
  • Anti-rust: painted galvanized steel cabinet, 1000 hours salt spray test
  • Factory-installed high pressure switch
  • AHRI certified and ETL Listed
  • R-410A ozone safe refrigerant

Air Handler

  • Anti-rust painted galvanized steel cabinet
  • Low noise fully insulated design helps to minimize indoor noise level
  • Removing the front panel will allow the blower assembly and coil assembly to slide out easily
  • Filter rack at the bottom, very convenient for installation
  • 4-way convertible design for up-flow, down-flow,  horizontal left and horizontal
  • Quiet operation 3 speed PSC motor

Mini-Split System

Benefits of a Mini-Split system
  • Easy to install – No need for additional ductwork throughout a home or a building.
  • Quiet operation – Because the system condenser is placed outside, mini-split systems offer an extremely quiet cooling option.
  • Energy savings – With Inverter technology, only the amount of energy needed to meet the cooling requirements is used.
  • Cost efficient – Designed to be efficient and also save money.

Midea is Quiet

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Our units are pre-tested, Insulated, the entire unit is powder coat painted including the base. Full perimeter heavy duty hail guard, environmentally friendly, ozone safe and consist of double insulated wiring.


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